Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blue Angels

Catching up! The week flew by and its Wednesday again ;) I had started to write out a post on Monday, but got interrupted and I am literally just now sitting down to finish it! We had some car issues yesterday and spent the last two days searching for a second car. We may have to drive up to Georgia Friday afternoon to finish our car shopping. Praise the Lord though! He is so faithful and good!

 Last weekend we had a delightful time watching the annual air-show with the Blue Angels. Winston and I spent Friday grocery shopping at the Navy base and then sat and watched the air-show until Benjamin was finished with work. It was so fun!
 Then on Saturday we were invited by our sweet sweet friends to go out with them on their boat to watch the Blue Angels again. The view was amazing! Much better then at the base! Feeling the breeze of the air and watching the Angels above us was glorious! :D

Winston fell asleep again by the rocking of the boat on the way to the show and on the way back. Then because of the many boats that had gathered to watch the show, the water was really rough due to everyone leaving at once. By the time we were back at the house, baby and I were quite soaked lol! It must have been the spot where we were sitting. Winston didn't seem to mind :D It was so much fun! I posted a ton of pictures, first of the ones from Friday and then out on the boat! 

 ~ I bought myself a yummy-mini-picnic after grocery shopping ;) It was so nice while Winston and I waited for the planes to take off.

~He couldn't wait. Nap time was calling.
~There was a lovely breeze outside and it was so pleasant.

~There they go!

~He didn't sleep long! After the planes took off, I checked on him because of the noise. He was wide awake! 

Finally a special picture of baby and I!

*The pictures below are from our fun day of boating on Saturday.

~Winston dozing to the rhythm of the boat

~ Hershey, she is always looking for something to snack on. 
She is quite a character :D

~Our sweet sweet friends! 

~On our way back to the house, we spotted these birds and I snapped a picture, but I have no idea what kind they are ;) I don't know if anyone can spot them and tell me what they are?

I told you there would be a lot of pictures!  
Happy Wednesday to all and I do hope I post again before next wednesday! 


Kirsteen said...

Oh, I love the special picture of you and baby! It is perfect.

Pam said...

Great post sweetie! I love going along with you on your outing. It is fun to get to see the Air show.
I agree with Kirsteen; I love, love, love the one of you and baby Winston. I cannot wait to get ahold of him. He is so scrumpscious! Benjamin looks so sweet and handsome with Winston. Liked seeing your friends & love the little dog.

I think the bird on the bottom of the last picture is a Heron, not sure about the one on top... maybe a vulture. Its interesting to see the waterways.

It was great to talk to you this morning.

Love you so much sweetie.

Marie said...

Oh Elizabeth, I just ooh and awed over all your gorgeous pics. And I LOVE the one of you and baby Winston together. SO CUTE!!!!! This post filled me with so much refreshment. Felt like I was along with you all!

~ Marie

Meredith Ivy said...

What a wonderful update post, Elizabeth! We have watched the Blue Angels before also. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and I think Winston's little cheeks are rounder every time I see him! He is so precious! I love the picture of the two of you together.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear sister!

Ashleigh said...

It looks like yall had such a great time! I love to watch the blue angels. One very early morning, I awoke to an extremely loud noise outside of my house. The blue angels were practicing right over our house! It was so awesome to sit in my backyard and watch them practice!

Little Winston is getting so big! I just love that picture of you two. Have a wonderful week!:)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! Much love!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Elizabeth, I just think the Blue Angel pictures were really something. I loved going out on Eric and Adhleys boat when we went down to see them. Flordia is so warm and wonderful all winter long.
Kiss the little sweet winnie for me! Living from His glory,Roxy