Thursday, July 15, 2010

Makeup, Friends, and Tea

Well, my exciting fun packages that I was waiting so anxiously for, did arrive last week.  When I saw them sitting outside our door, (the UPS man didn't even ring the doorbell) I wondered how long they had been sitting outside without me knowing it! I pounced and opened one and seeing some of the continents inside, I had to wait for Benjamin.  I did open the other box as well and peeked inside to satisfy my longing for a few more hours :D

Once Benjamin got home, it was like Christmas Day! Even the cats enjoyed themselves like it was Christmas. These boxes/present/work related items will greatly help me in what I am doing online ;) isn't it wonderful to love what you do??!! 

Yesterday I had a friend over for tea and also to practice mixing customizable liquid foundation to her darker skin tone. She ended up bringing her sister along as well, I haven't had so much fun playing with makeup like that since I was a little girl when my sister and I got plastic lipsticks for a present.

We all could have spent the whole day dabbling in this and experimenting with that! I wish I taken pictures of our playtime!  


Danielle said...

Sounds wonferful!!!
I just LOVE getting packages! I think for birthday's this year we are going to send the kids mail. They would be so so thrilled! :-D
LOVE the pics, very artsy, and beautiful!
Love you, you're artsty and beautiful! ;-)

Pam said...

Yes, Danielle is right, it is very artsy and beautiful and so are you. Wish I could have come over to play. It is difficult for us girls to resist such colors, such lovely textures, such pretty things. I'd love to have some tea and scones too. I think you need to post about the scones and give us the recipe; I just packed up all my recipe books so you see I will need it. :)
Love you,

Marie said...

Oh sounds like so much fun Eliza! I really loved hearing all about your friends.

I also so love looking at all that makeup!! It is so gorgeous! I agree with mom about how irresistible all those colors and textures are!! Your pictures are So pretty!!!!

love you so much!
~ Marie

Holly Trujillo said...

Hello Elizabeth, I love catching up on reading your blogs! It makes me so happy to hear your sweet voice coming through your blog. I miss you darling and hope you are enjoying every moment of your beautiful life!

Elizabeth said...

O thank you so much Danielle and Mom for the compliments! Your both So sweet!!!

Thank you Marie! Can't wait for you to get here so we can play together! :D

Holly! I miss you too and I agree completely! That is how I feel when I read your blog! Love you!!