Sunday, July 18, 2010

Early Morning at the Seaside

On Saturday we arose bright and early for a fun morning at the beach. I had set out most of everything we needed the night before. So once we awoke we jumped into the car and made it to the beach by around 7:30. It was the nicest time yet. The only people there were a few fishermen!  The morning hadn't gotten too hot yet and the water was perfectly fresh. I couldn't get out of the water! The waves were just right. Baby was a little frightened by the noise of the water and preferred to lay on his towel and enjoy the fresh breeze :) I couldn't help taking pictures that morning! And I am so glad I did! I had to post bunches! :D 

~He loves sucking on his fingers :D

~Early morning fishermen 

~He's getting so big and chunky :D

Happy Monday! 


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh boy....these are adorable. I could eat that wee guy. Or take him home. Maybe I'd take him home, then eat him. Either way, he is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!
At the beach.... IN THE WATER!!!! 7.30am. We'd have died of hypothermia.
We have water, water all around, and not a warm drop to bathe in....!
Love, Anne x

Holly Trujillo said...

Oh my! I love it Elizabeth, what a fantastic day you made for your self and family. It makes me so happy to see you enjoying your environment. I see so many people who are unhappily waiting for life to give them a good time and what they don't understand is that it is our job to make the good time happen. Joy and Beauty are surrounding us and all we have to enjoy it! I love that you know how to Enjoy the life God has given you! Love you my sister, Holly

Pam said...

Oh boy, how precious is our little grandson. It is delightful to see him and you at the beach. I love his chunkiness, and I love his swim suit. It cracks me up to see him laughing. He is such a happy little guy. I ditto what Anne and Holly said. I miss you so much sweetie.
Love Mom

Ashley said...

Love the photos of you guys! Your little man growing so fast. I am gald to see you guys playing at the beach! Give him a kiss from me. Miss you!
Love Ash

Sharon said...

Love it!! Going to the beach sounds SO wonderful!! The baby is getting so chunky, too cute!! You look so happy!!

living from glory to glory said...

Elizabeth, A day at he the beach sounds wonderful! I think your little man is so handsome. I also would love to have a make over sometime when you get back this way. I am so thankful to have these pictures and updates.
Blogging has given me some new friends also. Love Roxy

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for ALL your comments! :) Every single one I ate up! :) Much love!

Danielle said...

Sweet sweet Elizabeth,
Having internet souly for the purpose of reading you and your family's blogs is probably a little indulgent, but I don't care!
I have LOVED catching up on the posts that I missed.
These pics are amazing!!!! Almost makes me want to move from the mountains to the beach. . . ALMOST. :-D
Thank you for sharing your sweet morning with us!
Love love love you!

colonialhomestead said...

Your little beach baby is just so sweet.

Amber said...

such sweet pics. gotta love the beach!