Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Word of Promise

~Jim Caviezel as Jesus

We just recently purchased this new Word of Promise audio bible. Its not just read, its acted out. It has surrounding sounds, music, famous voices perfectly selected. We already listen to the Bible on audio, which is very good, but this is so realistic! The four gospels are acted out separately by Matthew,  Mark, Luke and John which is really cool! I love the voice of Paul.  And to have Jim Caviezel as the voice of Jesus! Its as if I am really there in the  moment of the story. I love it!  I now look for opportunities to put it on. Doing the dishes, cleaning up our room. We are delighted! I am not sure what the price is in CD format, we bought it through itunes. It was very affordable :)

~Here is the making


living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning, How a are you doing?
I would love to get a set of those CD's. I bet it would be fun to take a trip and listen to them while you travel. I finally got a post written this morning.
Call me or give me your e-mail soon! Love Roxy

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful Roxy thank you :) Yes, listening to them while traveling would be perfect! I love you too :)

Danielle said...

How cool!!! That would be so great for us in the car!!!! I figured out one time that lately we are in the car a minimum of 10hrs a week! UGH I'm goin to look for it next time we have a little extra. :-D