Sunday, June 20, 2010


~My dad meeting Winston for the first time :)

A special Happy Father's Day to my Dad. What a blessed girl I am to have such a father.

 There is so much for me to say about him and our lives growing up. His nature and love of our Lord has reared me up and taught me about life and life through Christ. He has never been preachy. He just lives it. How he makes the best biscuits in the world and loves to treat us to ice cream, take us out to lunch, bring home a new dog, make dinner or clean up the kitchen after a big celebration. Help move every one of us kids wherever we happen to be living. He has showed us how to be by being that person.  He has given us all the ability to dream and hope. And to also enjoy life and everything we have and do.  He has treated all us kids as his friend. Some of the happiest memories are sitting in his truck driving with him and talking about life. He is such a hard worker. And will do anything for us kids even when we don't ask. That old saying has always rung true in my life. "Ask Dad he knows". And I always do and he always does! 
I am beyond blessed to be his daughter. 
 Dad I love you so much! 

Children's children are the crown of old men; 
and the glory of children are their fathers."
-Proverbs 17:6

Pictures and our celebration of Father's Day coming tomorrow :)


Davene said...

Your dad sounds like a treasure!

And speaking of treasure, that picture of him and Winston is PRECIOUS! :)

Pam said...

Well, I warned Daddy he better get his hanky out before he read this one, and I was right. You made me cry as well. Daddy was so blessed. He said to tell you he loves you so much. We got Benjamin's call, but had gone back to church (awesome missionary...tell you about it tomorrow) and it was too late in Florida to call you back tonight; I'll call you in the morning.
Love you Mom

Danielle said...

Your dad is SUCH a treasure!!! I remember he told me one time, there is good music out there, you just have to know where to look. And he gave me the name of a GREAT group that we have loved ever since.
This was a beautiful tribute, and so fun that your parents read it and love it together!
I love you and your beautiful spirit! You are a reflection of your heavenly Father.