Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tea and a Christmas Movie

Tonight we are staying warm by the fire as the wind and snow blow into town. We are enjoying the best movie of the year, Its a Wonderful Life.
Marie made some yummy Thumb Print Jam Cookies , Jon got the movie and I am getting the tea! Even though I have seen it every year since I was little, I never tire of it :) Now I just need a box of tissues! :P
To read more about the trivia I found click here.

It's a Wonderful Life was a box office flop? One of the main resaons for the movie's enormous success is the failure of RKO to renew copyright. Back then, copyright only lasted for 27 years. So 1946 +27 years brings us to 1973, when the copyright should have been but wasn't renewed. TV stations quickly noticed this and began to run the movie, especially at Christmas, which brought the movie to broad audience, who loved it. No one person has ever stepped up and taken responsibility for the failure to renew.

Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart worked together on three films - It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and You Can't Take It WIth You.

It's a Wonderful Life won NO major Academy Awards.


Rachel said...

wow. it won no awards?? crazy!
I have watched this EVERY year since I was a kid. love it =]

Holly Trujillo said...

I have also watched every year since before memory. It is increduable about it being a flop for so long, tv sure did change things! The other movie that I watch every year is White Christmas with Bing! =)

Elizabeth said...

I know Rachel and Holly, its crazy to think the movie wasn't well received or noticed!