Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Messages Of Encouragement

Not to long ago I heard about Dr. Charles Stanley, mainly because he had had David Barton over to preach for his congregation during the 4th of July weekend. My Mom was the one who told me about it. But I had never heard Of Dr. Stanley before this. Then recently my parents recommended a message by him on his webpage, so I went to his page and have listened to many messages since. I have been so blessed and encouraged from all that he is preaching, which is directly from the word! :) I thought I would share to those of you who like to have something to listen to while your cleaning or cooking. :P

To visit directly to his audio messages click here. He does a message a day and since we are just now in December there are only a few. I listened to many from November, I wish they were still up! :)

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