Friday, October 16, 2009

Before I Forget :)

Looking out of our room

My cup of tea! ;)

Six Months :P

Here are some pictures of our room here on base. The hotel was so nice and *comfortable* ;) Two screen t.v.s a nice bathroom, two walk in closets, a sitting room and a lovely little kitchen. :) The beach is just on the other side of the parking lot. It has been so lovely.................. :) Just a couple more days with my baby! :( Notice my silly preggo photo! Benjamin thought I looked pretty nice Military! I think he looks much better in it then I do :P


Marie said...

Elizabeth, you looks so great in the uniform. I love all the photos of your room on base.

Elizabeth said...

Ha Marie! I look really big! :P Can't wait to see you!!!!!

Holly Trujillo said...

Thank you for the photos from base. I agree with Benjamin, you look good in uniform! Sounds like you two (three) are having a cozy time.

Lizzy said...

oh Elizabeth! I JUST got 'home' to my Beloved back here in pensacola and am SO SAD that we were not able to get together!!! I pray that the Lord works something out for us to meet/spend time together in Nov!! i just LOVE the pic of you sporting Benjamin's uniform! adorable!!!! I think I'll have to do that w/ Luke's flight suit or 'bomber' jacket when God blesses us with a little one. please keep in touch! btw, I commented on your 'virgin coconut oil' post from awhile back. it's pretty crazy how much you and I are alike in our interests - pretty, feminine things; tea; cultivating warm, cozy homes; conservatism/politics; being military wives; healthy, natural foods; fun make-up, etc.

mrstcd said...

I love the pic in your sweetie's uniform! I'm a sentimental person so I think that is a very special photo. One I think you'll cherish as time goes on.

Elizabeth said...

Holly and Mrstcd,
Thank you for your compliments :P about the uniform! :) You both made me feel better about it LOL!

Ha Lizzy, your so right! We do seem to be identical in many things! In particular our names :P
That is so funny that you have been using Coconut Oil! And all the many things you use it for!!! You will have to tell me how you make deodorant with it.

Ha I would love to see you in Luke's flight jacket or bomber suit. I bet he would be amused! Benjamin sure was :)

It would be SOOOO nice to see you if I come back in November. Well, since we are both not just military wives, but Navy wives, its very likely that our paths will cross again! I sure hope so! :)

LiveFree said...

CUTE!! :-)