Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Olechka and I :)

~Our Cupcakes! I had a bunch more pictures to upload, but having such a hard time getting them up! I'll upload them when I get to Ohio :)

This week has been a whirl wind! I cannot believe my visit has almost come to an end. I have been able to visit many friends and catch up. My friend Holly (here is her blog address,) who my sister and I grew up with since we were babies had a little baby girl and I was able to meet her! And delighted in how much she looks like Holly. :) Holly was the sweetest hostess, she spoiled me by feeding me and serving me lovely cups of tea. Their home was so charming and cozy. I still have not been able to meet her husband since every time we see each other he is always hard away at work! :) But we promised to meet through Skype pretty soon!

Last week my mom and I went out and visited my mom's very dear friend Roxy. It was so nice for me to be apart of the fun. Roxy fed us a delicious meal and I am still thinking of it! (The second trimester has started. I have been so hungry lately.) Then I was able to help her start a blog! Here is her blog link, Living From Glory To Glory.

I have been able to spend a lot of time with my parents. We have been talking, sharing, laughing and praying together.
The house here is always abuzz! With the phone ringing off the hook, people stopping by and all the activities my siblings are busy doing. Russell has joined the Navy and will be leaving next year for Boot Camp. Olga has one more year of High School and Eddie will be starting this school year as new homeschooler! :) My older brothers and my sister and I never were involved in the Public School System. After my parents adopted Russ, Olga and Eddie, they went into public school here and we are so thankful that the schools have been so great. Their standards are much higher and most of the teachers are christians including the principal. What a difference from the big city! The middle school is not so good. And so Eddie will be home schooled this year. And maybe even through high school. :) I am enjoying talking about his curriculum with my mom! He is a bright little guy and happens to love history which is one of my favorite subjects.

I am glad I was able to come right before the school season starts. Its nice to enjoy the seasons again. Fall is in the air and I love it! :) My mom and I made some cupcakes the other day for some friends and we did some beautiful Sun Flowers using Gum Paste and little bit of frosting for the middle of the Sun Flower.

I was able to finally finish a couple of books while I have been here. My new favorite, "Mornings on Horseback" by David Mccullough. Its about Theodore Roosevelt and his family. His family were just amazing and wonderful people. I just loved every page! :)

I know this post was pretty long, I jammed a bunch of posts into one! :)


Lizzy said...

ooh, I cannot wait to check out 'Mornings on Horseback' from the library! I know Luke will want to read it too ~ we are both avid readers! It sounds like you had an incredibly wonderful time with family and dear friends. I am so happy for you! Keep in touch, Lizzy =)

Holly Trujillo said...

It was so wonderful you coming down! I can still hardly believe it. the Cupcakes are beautiful and amazing you sure did lern a great deal from the classes you took! I am very excited for Eddie. What fun to be homeschooled by your mom, she makes every subject so interesting :) I am really envius of him! I too cannot wait to find Mornings on Horseback, David McCullough is such a great historic writter. I love you my dear. Have a great time with Marie, John and little Zane.