Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year everyone! I am so excited for this year and all that God has planned for us. So many changes right before too! :) It always makes me laugh when things happen so quick! Wheww! In the midst of Marie and John's move, Benjamin and I moved into our new little apartment. Ruthie and Bobby have gotten a place of their own and we gave up the house and have a nice little place! So the week after christmas we were packed up and moved! It really was perfect timing for everyone. I can't wait to post the pictures of our new place. We haven't gotten internet yet, so I won't be as up to date as I would like, not that I was before :) but I will drive over to the library if we don't get it pretty soon. I have a couple pictures of us last night, we built a fire in the fireplace, had tea and relaxed after church. It was one of the nicest things all year! :p 

Also, if you want to see a Christmas picture go over to my sister newmom she posted a picture of us all. It was a really nice Christmas. We couldn't get everyone in the photo to have a perfect face, but at least I look good!!!! :) Benjamin on the other hand has a blank look! He he he :) 

Update on Marie, she is just about to get internet and will post as soon as she can. Their move was safe and is finally over! They have their bed up, a shower curtain and toilet paper :) Im just kidding :) She said they unloaded yesterday and have all the furniture in place. She is starting to attempt the boxes now. The cold is pretty bitter! They have hardwood floors throughout the house, which has been her dream, but when it is so cold outside its a little chilly! :) 

I have been trying to update myself on everyone's blog. I will be back soon! I haven't forgotten all of you!!! :) God bless and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Davene said...

Yay, it's good to hear from you again! Wow, you all moved on top of everything else--what else can change in the lives of your clan out there? :)

Thanks for the update on Marie; I was wondering how things were going for her. I send her my sympathy about the cold...I sure do miss the warmth of San Diego!

Your fire looks very cozy!

Katheryn said...

Glad to hear that all is well. It seems like a little vacation to mom's makes the heart grow fonder. :) Love the fireplace, especially since it is so cold! Thanks for the update on Marie... I am sure she will love being where she is...

We miss you. Happy New Year.

Elizabeth said...

Davene, your so sweet. I left you a comment on your blog. =)

Katheryn, thanks for your sweet comment! I wrote you an email, I hope you received it? I may have the email address wrong. I hope you all are doing well.

Miss you too! :)

Meredith Ivy said...

Hello Elizabeth!

I loved the family picture over at your sister-in-law's blog! Y'all are a beautiful family.

Are you going to post pictures of your new place when you get settled in? I still remember the pics of your last home.... it was so nice! :)

Have a great weekend!