Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fry Bread and Wreath Making

Today I went over to my sister Himilce's. She had found all of this great Christmas decoration stuff for 90 % off. She had told me about it after she had bought a lot and had made a really pretty Christmas wreath. So today we went back to the store and had so much fun picking out what I wanted and then we went back to her place, had lunch and watched a movie while we played and worked at our wreaths. She helped me with all of it, including the bow, which was quite difficult for me. I think I can muster up the courage to make another one now that she showed me so well. Thanks Himilce! It was such a nice day!!! :)

The other day our friends from Colorado, who has just moved here recently, brought us a deep frier that they were getting rid of. I have never cooked with one and I have never fried anything. We have had such a ball make french fries, potato chips and Indian Fry Bread! Oh my goodness! I don't know if it was such a good thing for us to have taken it now!!! We are going to have heart problems if we don't watch ourselves :) Those french fries are delicious!!! :)  


Marie said...

Oh My goodness that bread looks amazing!! Why did you decide to make it when I left AZ?

New Mom said...

Hi Elizabeth! Where did you learn to make fry bread? My mom used to make us this bread when I was a kid but when I tried it, my bread was heavy and dense. I loved it when we went to the pow-wows and ate Indian tacos-- they are soooo good!

BTW, I had so much fun helping you with your wreath. We'll have to think of some new crafts to try. Maybe you can teach me to knit?

mamajil said...

After reading your blog I've been searching for Fry bread recipes...I am going to try to make some this week any tips?????