Thursday, May 8, 2008

Searching for a house

We have been searching for a house right now when our housing market is really low. We have a friend realtor who e-mails us all of the bank owned houses. Not that I want to move again, but since we rent our house, we realize we are just throwing our money away, especially with the housing market right now. Since we live in Scottsdale, houses are usually really expensive, well, we found this house that is worth a great deal of money and the bank is selling it for about  half the price of its value. It is beautiful! So we are trying to figure out how we can make this investment work. We first started out just looking for a house that we could finally own, but now this is turning out to be a HUGE  investment! I'll update pretty soon to share what happens  =)


Jaedan's Mom said...

Praying that God will give you wisdom and bless your finances.

Buying a home can be a little scary, but also one of the greatest investments you can make.

Meredith Ivy said...

How exciting! I love real estate and buying bank-owned properties so I'm looking forward to hearing what happens!

Also, has your camera turned up anywhere yet?

Have a wonderful weekend!