Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sorry I have been gone for awhile! We have been super duper busy! 

To start off, one of our old klunkers finally gave way; and we have been shopping for a new car. Whew! That can be work, but thankfully we have a located (thankfully because they are hard to find in Phoenix), a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. No one wants to part with their car, obviously =) ! But we are so thankful to have a reliable car, Yeah!!!!!

Second.... this week is spring break for my kids I look after. We have been pic nicking, going to the zoo, reading lots of books from the library and making yummy chocolate covered bananas and pretzels with chocolate chips. As most of you know, taking care of kids can tucker you out!


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Jaedan's Mom said...

I am so happy it's spring time!! Thank God he created four seasons.