Friday, February 29, 2008


Pure delightful! I have just returned home yesterday. And it was so nice to have some time with Benjamin. Not to have any worries or cares was pure medicine!
Thank you all for your sweet good bye notes! This was my first time in San Diago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Davene, I can see why you loved living there!

I have to tell you all a little secret, not only did we go to San Diago, but we also went on a cruise! We left San Diago's harbor and headed to Cabo San Lucas. We got such an amazing deal....... $200 a person!!!! Four and everything! It was a carnival ship. It was one of those last minute sales!!! So I didn't actually stay in San Diago :) I feel so full right now! Not only that, but lazy too! The food was very tasty! It is a really good idea to take a cruise while you are pregnant! Everything you might be craving is just a little walk away :) he he he he! Here are a few pictures.... Oh yeah, we went snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas.......not a very good idea in winter!!!! Oh my WORD! It was so COLD! :) I will never forget that temperature! 

The day we were leaving San Diago back to Scottsdale, we found out that Nathan my brother happened to be in San Diago as well! He was there for work! That was very humerus.....what a small world we live in! So we met up with him for a couple of hours =) 

                         At an evening show on our ship :)
                          A beautiful view from our ship
                    Just before we felt that cold water! :)


Lisa said...

you lucky duck! NO WAY...sneaking away like that. FUN!:-)

So glad you had a wonderful time. Great photos.

Marie M said...

Ha ha ha, I agree with Lisa! You two are lucky ducks! I'm so glad your home now! We missed you guys, but I think your trip was much needed for you both! You two work too hard!

Davene said...

Did I miss something? Are you pregnant???

Reading about this brought back so many memories because, not only did we live in San Diego, we also went on a similar cruise! After our wedding (in Virginia), we drove across the country to California with all my stuff, then went on a 4 day cruise. We didn't go all the way down to Cabo, but I still remember how incredible the food was: so delicious and so much!!! I would love to go on a cruise again. To me, it seems like one of the most relaxing vacations ever.

Glad you had a great time! :)

Elizabeth said...

No, Davene I am not pregnant, (pretty sure). I can see why I gave you that impression though! Although I would LOVE to be right now. All in God's time :)
That's so sweet! Your story is very similar to ours! I really did like San Diago, so green and lush. You will have to go back and visit!

Lisa and Marie you will have to take a cruise out of San Diago, it was so nice! ;)

Davene said...

Whew, glad I wasn't totally clueless! :)

I'll pray for you that God will grant you that desire of your heart in His perfect timing!!!

New Mom said...

Shock waves went through me whenever I read that little bit about pregnancy. I thought my dream came true! And it really would have been true, because I have to admit I felt a wave of jealousy :P