Saturday, February 9, 2008


....... and breezy is the forecast.
Today 72 was the high. It is so beautiful out. I am getting excited to go swimming in our pool this summer! 
Ruthie and I went garage sailing this morning and while we were out looking we found a beautiful outside swing. It has a cover and its still in really good condition. The people who were selling it hardly ever used it and kept it in nice condition. 
So I am outside enjoying the lovely weather today! =) (trying to get a tan!)
My sympathies go out to everyone who is tired of the snow! Be encouraged spring is on the way!


Lisa said...

Beautiful photo Elizabeth! Is that from your backyard?

Nice to hear about warm weather since it's about 16 degrees here (wind chill).

Davene said...

I love the picture!

We always had fun counting the "arms" on those saguaro (sp-?) cactus when we traveled to or through Arizona. It's nice to see them again!

Katheryn said...

Isn't it wonderful living in Arizona,definitely makes up for the summers. It fun seeing the wonderful journey that the Lord is taking you on.

Elizabeth said...

Lisa, umm well that beautiful picture came from the internet.... :) But thank you for the compliment! =)

Thank you Davene and Katheryn. Yes, it is fun to live in Arizona in the winter! But look out, summer here we come!