Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert!

Today is Bobby's 17th Birthday! We all celebrated it last night. We played put put golf the batting cages, and the go carts. The go carts were the best! Benjamin of course beat everyone. But I passed him once! I take great pride in that :) It was fun doing something like that together. I think the boys had the most fun, getting to speed and running into each other (even though we weren't allowed to bump) we will all have to do that again! Then we drove home, and tried to abide by the law and not bump the car in front of us! he he he!!!! We had ribs, okra, salad and french bread. Benjamin cooks those ribs so WELL! The meat just fell right off. It was a fun birthday. I think Bobby had a lot of fun as well =) ( I should hope!)

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Jam said...

I do have to say it was a lot of fun!! and yes, it was hard getting back to to reality and not bump the cars or sidewalks haha... We most definitely have to do it again!