Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello dear blog and friends. This is just a quick post for my brother that I have been meaning to get up! I have not forgotten my blog or all my dear friends who's blogs I have been missing so much. This last month will be filled with last enjoyments of having Benjamin here. I was planning on posting before he left, and I have started a post on three separate occasions but wasn't able to get one up lol! I will be back sometime in July though :P 

Now about my brother and his film project he has going. It is very exciting and we are all so proud of him and his future. Check out his trailer below!

Much love!

TSOL (pronounced "soul"): is the name of his film 
Shot in the scenic Sangre De Cristo Mountains, this movie is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a young man fighting for his life-- and his mind. After awakening from a horrific airplane crash, Chuck finds himself stranded and alone in the mountains. His friends are dead and he has no food or water in which to sustain himself. Chuck begins a journey to find not only civilization but also himself. He battles multiple demons of thepast-- the death of his mother, the unforgiveness of his father, and his own dying faith.
Through encounters with wild beasts to hallucinations of his dead friends, Chuck struggles, eventually discovering the meaning of life.

 Please visit his Kickstarter site by clicking on the image below, so as to get an idea of what this film is about,  as well as seriously thinking  about backing this film, we would so appreciate your help, to become a backer it would only cost $10.00 to get a signed DVD. Those of you who would post the video on your blog and facebook we would appreciate it SOOO much!
You can watch his trailer just visit his site by clicking on the image below.


Kirsteen said...

Helloooo! July isn't so far away really is it?!

So glad that you had your man home for a bit. And that you were able to pop over to my blog in time for Alasdair's birthday :0)

I already saw this on Marie's blog, and again I say well done to your brother. I really hope he gets the funding he needs for this. ♥

Timmy said...

I liked the trailer, but as it seems it's too late for me to help him reach his goal.

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Pam said...

Hi Sweetie, I love having you back in blogland.... I must have more :). I can't wait to see and read. Love this post. I am going to put the link up too. In response to Timmy, Nathan has been able to reset the kickstart details, so there is still time... of course you would know this sweetie but thought I would say it.

Love you and miss you so much sweetie.

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living from glory to glory said...

hi girlfriend thank-you

Anonymous said...

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Danielle said...

Hey there sweetie,
I was just missing you so I came by to get my "fix".
Love you!

Davene Grace said...

Hi, Elizabeth!

I was just thinking about you tonight and missing your sweet posts. I know there are different seasons of life, and some are for blogging while others are not! But I did want you to know I miss you!! :)

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Lisa said...

You've been on my mind recently! How are you?? I know your blog is abandoned...but I still stopped by to see if there might be a photo post I missed.

Miss you!


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