Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogging Break and Some Pictures...

 These two little cuties kept us quite busy on this trip :P

  Sharing and letting go of toys was a new learning experience for Winston! Zane tried to be the gentleman, but Winston loved to test his patience :P 
  Marie's display of our teatime is always so pretty. A short moment of peace and refreshment!
Our good friend Julie was able to come over for a quick visit. She told me at my baby shower last year right after Winston had been born that she and her husband were expecting. And now a little over a year later here is her precious baby boy Andrew in the above left picture.
 We tried to capture some nice ones with all the boys, but it was pretty difficult! Andrew and Ezra were hungry, Zane teething and Winston shy.
Winston enjoyed looking at Jon while we tried to capture his cute chubby face. I loved these pictures Marie thank you!

It was so nice to visit Marie, Jon, Zane and meet precious little Ezra! It did my heart well! Ezra is a prize and treasure! Marie and Jon are so abundantly blessed!

They were so so good to us, made their home feel like it was ours. We also got to be there for the boy's baby dedication at church. I am so glad they waited for us to be there with them! 

So yes, we are home and back to routine. Benjamin back to work and myself catching up on laundry! Its so refreshing to go away and then come back! And when we came back Florida's Spring showed up! Beautiful flowers welcomed us when we returned ;)

Yes, I have decided to take a short blogging break. I say short and I hope it will be. Benjamin will be leaving for a deployment in June and I am beginning to realize the reality of it! He will be gone at least six months but most likely longer. The blessing to us is that he wont be on a ship! (Praise the Lord!)  I will be looking after and managing his website business and I have a lot more to learn, so with that, I need to focus my priorities for the next couple of months.

I know I haven't blogged that much anyway lately, but I would rather give a notice then just disappear for a long period of time. I will miss posting and you all who visit, read and comment! Thank you all so much for your dear friendships! 

I will be back, but for now God's blessing to you all!



Pam said...

Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much good these pictures did for my heart.I am looking at them over and again. I can't wait to show them to Dad. Love you so much sweetie. Be blessed during your break.

Pam said...

Ok, one small comment just wasn't enough. I just love, love, love these pictures!!! Love the one of you holding Zane and Winston. Also, love the last one, and the one where Winston has the "o" and is looking away, and the one where Zane and Winston are looking at each other... obviously discussing the ownership of the pig. Ha ha. and I love the one above that, and above that... I think you get the picture. I think I'll snag em all.
Love you,

Marie said...

Elizabeth you are going to be terribly missed by me as you take your blogging break. I sure love the thrill of seeing your updates and all your pics and goings on. I do understand you deserve a break because you have been blogging long enough to have one now and then I guess :)

I love you so much and CAN'T WAIT for your return back to blogging world.

Oh I just loved all these pictures you posted. So so so cute. I also loved reading mom's comments because she made me re enjoy reading the post all over again.
Sure missing your little Winston. I think Zane needs a cooking companion. He (I) sure loved how you organized his cabinets :)
~ Marie

Kirsteen said...

These pictures are all so adorable!

I'm going to miss you on your blogging break too. I'll miss your updates and pictures, and I'll miss your sweet comments on my blog too. Don't be gone too long OK?!

I do know what it's like having your husband away though, and mine at least gets home for the weekends.

I'll still be remembering you in your absence! ♥

Danielle said...

Ok Miss Elizabeth,
While I understand your reasons for your break and really really respect your decision, I have to day that I will miss you terribly, and I'm already brainstorming ways to get you to colorado during your single parenting days.
These pictures are so so great!! You two beautiful girls marrying handsome brothers makes for amazing pictures!! Knowing that this will be your last post for a while though I have savored each word and sweet smile. Promise me that we can still e-mail!!!!!
I love you and so respect your decision to prioritize!

Mamajil said...

I love the pictures of all the children :) they are all beautiful!! Growing up close with cousins is so special!! I will keep you in my prayers as you work on getting everything ready before your husbands deployment and will continue praying for your family while he is away. You will be missed from the blog world :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh Elizabeth, he's away for 6 months...or MORE?! When our older 3 kids were all four or under, my hubby was away for 6 months BUT coming home at weekends. Oh, there was no comparison with what you will have. We will pray for you and for him while you're apart. I pray God will keep you all safe.

The photos are gorgeous. The dimples on the chins are just edible.... toooooo cute!

We'll 'keep in touch' via mum and Marie, so it wont feel like you're totally off the radar even though you're not blogging yourself.

Pam said...

I just showed all these pictures to your Dad. He said "Oh... My...Word..". And much more. He agreed with me that these pictures were so precious, scrumpscious, delightful... He is so homesick for a visit with you!.

arunnerlearningtofly said...

wow! between you and Marie, your brood of little ones is growing! :) such fun pics. blessings to you...

Lizzy said...

oh dear. that was Lizzy. my husband's old blog/gmail account must be open! lol!!

Holly Trujillo said...

Hi Elizabeth! I love your posts, it is such a treat for me to be able to dip into your life and share in some of your precious moments! I love you sis :)

h. rae said...

Such darling baby boys! I want to scoop one up and hug him tight!

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