Monday, March 8, 2010


~ My new little friends! They always fly over when they see I am outside :)

~ Some nice chocolate chip cookies to start monday right.

~ A pretty view of one of our windows

Here are a couple pictures of our little place. I am pretty much done with getting us settled. But not quite ready to post pictures yet :)
I am delighted that our neighborhood has geese and ducks enjoying the sunshine with us. The weather is heavenly right now. A nice breeze with just the right amount of sun on your face when you go out. I found a nice stroller on Craigslist so when Benjamin gets out of work today we are going to pick it up! I can't wait to go walking and running with it! I am picky and wanted a three wheel or jogging stroller and so I have waited to find the right one on Craigslist. I found a smashing deal! Can't wait to get it! :)
Happy monday!


Where Your Treasure Is said...

Hey Sweetie,
I love the pictures. its nice to see a little glimpse of your home and surroundings. The geese look like fun. I miss the geese and ducks we used to have don't you? Somehow the critters make me feel comforted. Those chocolate chip cookies look awesome:)
love Ya

Marie said...

I love the pictures Elizabeth! Those geese are so sweet! I bet the lady before you fed them and thats why they are so interested! Your patio window and greenery looks amazing and I want some of those cookies!

New Mom said...

As much as I enjoy seeing your home what I really need to see more of is WINSTON! He is a doll! Sooo cute. I love that picture "Too Cute;" with that tiny mouth he really does look like a baby doll! Plus I want to see some of Asher's little outfits so I can reminisce ?sp? :) Call me when you get a chance, I've been wanting to call you forever but I lost your number... again.

Elizabeth said...

Mom and Marie I know it reminds me of when we had geese and ducks! They are comforting and seem to know that I will give in and give them a little snack ;P

Himilce,I know I need to post more of him. I need to do a load of laundry so he can wear some of his adorable little clothes from his aunty and uncle :) He wore that adorable frog outfit to church on Sunday :)

Holly Trujillo said...

I love that you get the lovely geese and ducks around your place! What a cozy and cheerful setting your new wonderful home is in!