Monday, March 15, 2010

For Himilce

~Sunday Best!

~Starting to get hungry

~Happy and full

~Thank you aunty Himilce for my Sunday outfit!

This outfit was given to us by Winston's aunty Himilce and Uncle Nathan along with MANY others! But this is one is one of his Sunday best!

This weekend Winston turned 5 weeks! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. He is the best part of our day. Its a joy to wake in the night to feed him and listen to all of his little noises. His routine varies from being awake for a couple of minuets to a couple of hours. His love is our master bedroom fan. He will stare for long stretches of time kicking his legs and now smiling at!

I know all I have been posting is Winston lately. I promise to post pictures of the house real soon. Marie and Jon will be out here next week and I will be able to use Marie's camera, which will make our place look so much nicer then when I use mine :)


Where Your Treasure Is said...

Oh my goodness, sweetie, all these pictures are too cute for words. I am eating them up! I love seeing each new outfit; each new moment. I can see he is getting bigger and I see a multitude of changes going on. He looks so precious. I see Benjamin, You, Zane, Elon. Yum Yum he's quite delicious.

Love Mom

What a Wonderful World said...

What a sweet baby! He is growing so fast and looks just like a little man. He is so handsome. Thanks for posting Elizabeth. Love you.


Elizabeth said...

Mom I am so happy you can stay updated with him this way! It makes it so much easier for us! I love youuu!

Jodi! I love that you commented! Your words are treasures to me :)Thank you for admiring our little one! I eat it up!! Talk to you soon :)
I love you too!

Jackie said...

Hey there!

I popped over from Living from Glory to Glory blog and love your site! Your baby is absolutely precious....what a beautiful little guy!!

I was looking at some of your earlier posts and saw that your husband is Navy and you're in FL. My daughter and son-in-law are Navy and stationed at Mayport in Jacksonville. As soon as you mentioned Navy and FL and AZ I was amazed to see what a small world it is!! We have been blessed to live in FL and AZ for many years and love them both!

Anyway, so nice to meet you.....I love meeting new bloggn' sisters in the Lord and hope you'll stop by my place sometime for a visit!

Sweet Blessings!

New Mom said...

Thanks for the photos, Elizabeth! Keep em' comin! He looks just like Benjamin! Of course, that may change {and lets just hope it does... make sure you tell Benjamin I said that ;) }

Elizabeth said...

Jacki, thank you for commenting and all your compliments for little Winston! I love to hear it :P It is such a small world! It makes me smile thinking about your daughter just a few minuets away from us! I will have to stop and visit your blog now :p

Ah ha, I will tell him Himilce! :) I hope your doing well :)

Holly Trujillo said...

What a beautiful boy, he is growing up so wonderfully! Elizabeth could star at the fan in our dinning room for so long when she was an infant! so cute.