Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

A very special Happy Mother's Day to my MOM!!!! Mom you are the kindest and greatest role model I could ever have. I am so very thankful that God blessed me with you as my mother. I pray that I can be to my children as you were to us all. Thank you for your sacrifices and all your many many prayers for all 7 of us!!!!! I posted this picture for you, because it has always reminded me of  you and your sweetness and what you were like when you were a little girl. I love you so very much!!!


Holly Trujillo said...

This pictures always reminds me of Pam, I think it must have been in your home. She is an amazing women!!!! And I love her dearly, I think of her as my second mom. I miss spending time at your home with all your family. Good memories!

Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
I agree with Elizabeth's post! You are so special to me and so understanding and patient. Thanks so much for being a role model for me. I wish we could be with u on your special day! MUCH LOVE!!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your comment Holly! Yes, that picture was in our house growing up. I miss having you around with all of us to Holly!