Friday, July 18, 2008

Bay and Tonya

These cats are so fun! They just laze around the house and on us :) We went ahead and got them fixed and declawed last week. It has been so much nicer around here! Our furniture is safe! And us too! For the first two days their little paws were pretty tender, but that didn't stop them from wrestling and trying to claw up our bedspread soon discovering that that doesn't work anymore! They really are so sweet though, they don't have a stubborn will (well, yet) and they aren't fazed by anything, I will be blow drying my hair and they won't even flinch! I'm very glad that we don't have scaredy cats! Scaredy cats usually jump at every little noise and flee for their lives as if we are having a tornado or something! Anyways, just a little note about our animal situation here =)


Jaedan's Mom said...

I am not a cat person because I am severly allergic, but your cats are truly cute!!

Because I've never really been around them I didn't realize that the phrase "scaredy cats" was true. How funny.

Sweet Ruthie said...

They're so cute! =)