Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthdays and Dates....

                                               Benjamin and I :)                    

                                             Marie and John at Kathy's Birthday

                      Bobby, Benjamin, me and Ruthie (Bobby is hiding)

                                              Birthday girl and Grandpa

                                              Ruthie and I on our double date

                                                   Jonathan and Ruthie :)

Busy summer time! During the last week and a half we celebrated Kathy's birthday and had a fun time celebrating with them. We all went out to restaurant and visited and laughed. =) Benjamin and I also went on double date with Ruthie and her boy friend Jonathan last week. It was a lot of fun, he has been over very often lately =) We are really enjoying him and are so happy for Ruthie. Here are some of the pictures and I did a little of everyone. John, Marie, Grandpa, Kathy, =) I hope everyone is having a nice summer!


Davene said...

Woah! When you and your husband and your sister and her husband go out together, do people just do double takes all the time? :)

I'm glad to see you're having such fun this summer!

Jaedan's Mom said...

Love the new look on your blog!

Such great pictures of fun times! What a great coupe the two of you make.

Katheryn said...

Love the new look! You guys are so cute. Sorry we couldn't be there, but it is fun to see it in pictures. I know mom and Richard always have so much fun with you all.

Jonathan said...

Aww! Thanks Lizzy! I really enjoy hanging out with you guys! Especially when Ben has an opinion about something hes gotta get off his chest!!! LOL!!!