Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Salivating Dinner!

Our dinner was so fun last night. Ruthie and I fixed all of the sides while Benjamin made the steaks. Our first was a lovely white bean mash, (white beans from the can) rinse and then stir them over the stove with lots of olive oil and garlic then mash them like you are mashing potatoes. Side two was parsley tomatoes and bacon hash. Cut up the bacon in little peices, cook that up first then put the bacon on a seperate plate while you cook up the tomatoes once they are finished throw the bacon back into the pan with the tomatoes and cook it about a minute longer then put it on a plate and garnish with chopped parsley. However much parsley you desire. I think we put a little too much on, but it still tasted good =) . Benjamin cooked the steaks out on the grill, he also added a really nice onion cream sauce. We were so full, we couldn't even attempt to make the dessert! I'll post it another time when we make it. Because it is a good one =)


Sweet Ruthie said...

Oh my word! This dinner was to die for, it was outstanding. I wonder if there's any leftovers, i'm getting hungry :P

Davene said...

That looks delicious! Isn't it fun to cook as a team? :)

Meredith Ivy said...

Mmm... that looks very good! :)