Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been reading this book by Charlotte Bronte called The Professor. It has been a great read especially after I finished Wives & Daughters which was wonderful. I always find it hard to start another book after I just read a really good one. :)


Marie said...

I read this book but can't remember it! Thats a good sign which means I need to read it again!

Lizzy said...

oh elizabeth! i just love reading anything by the Bronte sisters! Jane Eyre has got to be my all-time fav book...the pages from the last chapter are wrinkled from the tears I shed over Jane and Mr. Rochester's reunion (oops! hope i'm not giving it away for anyone who has not read the book!). So i will def have to read the Professor. anyway, I love the updated look of your blog. you are so feminine...i love it! when i get married in june, i am going into full-time wife/homemaker mode and i'm really, really excited about it! your posts about caring for a home and making it a haven of love, joy, beauty, and rest really inspire me. i also love reading about recipes you've recently tried, decorating tips, scripture that the Lord's been speaking to your heart about, and various domestic endeavors you and your sister Marie undertake. Blessings to you both! and keep the posts coming! love, Lizzy =)