Friday, December 7, 2007

Here are the rest of the pictures of our new house........

Here are the rest of the pictures of our house. I am still deciding how to decorate! There is a lot of space to fill. But luckily it is such a pretty house, it looks pretty nice on its own! Yes, we do have a pool, which in Arizona it is almost necessary to have one. God has greatly blessed us with this beautiful home =)


Lisa said...

I found your blog through Davene's blog.

I love your blog and look forward to reading it more.

ps. the new house looks cozy!

Davene said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting there so I could find you. :)

Your new house is gorgeous...and oh, I love the pool! My husband lived in Phoenix (years before we were married), so he knows exactly what that kind of desert heat feels like. I remember when we were driving across the country from Virginia to California after our wedding. We stopped somewhere in Arizona at a gas station. When we opened the door and got out of our truck, I COULD NOT BELIEVE how hot it was. Truly like an oven. So whenever I see someone in that area with a pool, I never think it's an extravagance. :)

New Mom said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I love your new house. I am jealous... forgive me Lord. oooh especially the fireplace by the pool! It's so spacious with the tall ceilings and open floor plan. We'll be having a lot of parties at your house whenever I get there!

PS I like the rocker, you know that's my style!

PSS If you'll be updating your blog frequently I'll be sure to add you to my blogroll.

Holly B. said...

Your home is beautiful!!!!! It is so inviting, I wish I would walk through the computer and have tea with you!